Beautrio Face Gel Primer x 2

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Product Information

Beautrio Face Gel Primer
Hydrating & Moisturizing Massage Gel, Best Complement Facial Massage Tool.
Double Plant Polysaccharides - Dendrobium Nobile + Tremella Fuciformis.
7 Refreshing & Natural Plants Extracts, Sensitive Skin Friendly.

2 种多糖植物精华萃取 :石斛 + 银耳
7 种自然清新植物精华萃取 : 茶叶提取物、黄芩根提取物、光果、甘草提取物、母菊花提取物、积雪草提取物、迷迭香叶提取物、虎杖根提取物,温和配方,适合敏感性肌肤。

Ingredients 成分
2 Plant Polysaccharides Extracts :  
Dendrobium Nobile 石斛
Tremella Fuciformis 银耳

7 Refreshing & Natural Plants Extracts : 
Astragalus Root Extract 黄芪根提取物
Light Fruit 光果
Licorice Extract 甘草提取物
Matricaria Flower Extract 母菊花提取物
Centella Asiatica Extract 积雪草提取物
Rosemary Leaf Extract 迷迭香叶提取物
Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract 虎杖根提取物

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Plant Based Ingredients
传统中草药, 大自然植物素成分

Dosage / Usage Direction 用量/用法说明
Use Together With Facial Massage Tool.

Based UOM
150g 克 x 2

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Shelf Life 保质期
18 - 36 Months

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