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Product Information

VitaBelle Hydrating Series
Protects Against Free Radicals & Reverses Skin's Aging Process
Free Radicals Accelerate Skin Aging Process, Causing Skin Dehydration, Nutrient Loss, Reduced Metabolism, Unhealthy Skin, Dull, Gray Skin With Rough Texture, Fine Lines And Dark Spots. Relentless Skin Damage By Free Radicals. External Factors - Ultraviolet Radiation, High Energy Visible Blue Light & Pollution, Anxiety, Stress, Bad Habits - Smoking, Excessive Drinking And Overeating.

心维雅保湿系列 - 对抗自由基,逆转肌龄
自由基,氧化肌肤,加速老化,造成肌肤水分流失,营养流失,代谢缓慢,皮肤不健康,暗沉,暗黄,粗糙,细纹,色斑等。然而,不断入侵肌肤的自由基却无所不在。外界刺激 - 紫外线,蓝光辐射,环境污染,精神紧张,压力过大,不良生活习惯 - 吸烟,喝酒,暴饮暴食

VitaBelle Hydrating Lotion - Antioxidant & Hydration in One Lotion
Highly Effective Antioxidant - Triple Elimination Action, Activation & Protection.
Hydration - Known As "Golden Liquid Wax", Being Gentle & Non-Greasy, Locks In Moisture, Improves Skin's Suppleness.
Toning & Moisturizing - Skin Hydrates & Moisturizes, Soft & Fresh without The Greasy Feel of Oils.
Hydrolyzed Barley Protein - Moisturizing & Nourishing.
Moisturizing Factor Honey Extract, Silk Peptide & Grape Seed Extract - Leaves Skin Moisturized, Smooth & Hydrated.

心维雅保湿润肤露 - 抗氧化兼锁水滋润同步完成
强效抗氧化 - 能发挥清除,激活及保护三重功效,有效延缓衰老。
锁水 - 外号黄金夜蜡,温和不油腻,防止肌肤水分流失,可增加肌肤柔软度。
滋润 - 增强肌肤保湿效果,同时润泽,柔软肌肤,清爽不油腻。
水解大麦蛋白 - 保湿滋养皮肤。
保湿因子蜂蜜提取物,丝肽及葡萄籽提取物 - 提高肌肤含水量,持久保持肌肤水润。

Ingredients 成分
Schisandra 五味子
Jojoba Seed Oil 霍霍巴籽油
Grape Seed Oil 葡萄籽油
Hydrolyzed Barley Protein 水解大麦蛋白
Honey Extract 蜂蜜提取物
Silk Peptide 丝肽提取物
Grape Seed Extract 葡萄籽提取物

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Plant Based Ingredients
传统中草药, 大自然植物素成分

Dosage / Usage Direction 用量/用法说明
After Cleaning The Skin, Apply A Suitable Amount To The Face & Neck.

Based UOM
125g 克 x 2

SKU Code 库存编号

Shelf Life 保质期
18 - 36 Months

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