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Beautrio Firming Toner

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Product Information

Beautrio Firming Series - Stop the time and Stay Youthful
Complex Youth-retaining Factor™ - Contains Carnotin, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Frankincense Essence, Oatmeal Essence And Other Rare Ingredients, Which Can Improve Skin Elasticity And Rejuvenate Skin.

萃雅菁颜系列 - 菁彩人生 岁月无痕
独特复合驻颜因子 - 国际专利 Polysac 蕴含肌肽、棕榈酰五肽、乳香精华、燕麦精华等珍稀驻颜成分,提升肌肤弹性,焕发肌肤活力。

Beautrio Firming Toner
Benefits : It Replenishes Energy & Revitalizes Your Skin Advantages

1. Five Major Qualities of A Good Toner : Provides Additional Cleansing, Sufficient Hydration, Restores The Balance Of The Ph Value On The Skin, Minimizes The Pores & Softens The Stratum Corneum
2. The Yeast Essence Provides The Skin With A Massive Amount Of Oxygen, Hydrating The Skin While Improving The Absorption Rate At The Same Time. It Hydrates And Moisturizes Your Skin, Reverting Your Skin To Its New-Born State, Like A Baby

1. 爽肤水的五大特质:再次清洁、有效补水、平衡PH值、收缩毛孔、软化角质
2. 酵母精华可以给肌肤提供补充大量的氧气,补水的同时更增强的皮肤的吸收能力,令肌肤水漾通透,新嫩如初

Ingredients 成分
Premium Ginseng 蕴含珍稀人参
Ganoderma Sinensis Essence 紫芝精华
Yeast Essence 酵母精华
Wheat Protein Essence 小麦蛋白精华

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Plant Based Ingredients
传统中草药, 大自然植物素成分

Dosage / Usage Direction 用量/用法说明
After Cleansing, Pour Appropriate Amount Of Toner Onto Cotton Pad, Dab Gently Over The Face And Neck.

Based UOM
100ml 毫升

SKU Code 库存编号

Shelf Life 保质期
18 - 36 Months

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